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Treatment step by step

The step by step treatment procedure for Emervel

With non-surgical treatments becoming increasingly popular with women and men alike, it is important that you feel that Emervel treatment is right for you. Your treatment will involve a number of steps. Here's our guide and some tips to a successful Emervel dermal filler treatment.

Finding Your Practitioner:

Emervel treatments should only be undertaken with a medical professional (Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Doctor, Dermatologist, Dentist or Nurse) who have undergone the appropriate training for your treatment.  Certificates of training undertaken may be displayed in clinic but should be made available to you on request.  You can find your nearest Emervel Practitioner using our Practitioner Finder.

Consultation & Treatment

Come to your consultation prepared. Be honest with yourself about your wishes and questions. You will learn how Emervel products can be safely used to suit your needs and wishes, and you will be asked about your medical history. When you leave your consultation you should feel well informed about Emervel, and you should know what results to expect.

Together with your Emervel Practitioner you decide which Emervel product is suitable for your needs. Before treatment, the practitioner will discuss pain relief with you. As every person has different preferences and sensitivity, the products in the Emervel range are available with integrated pain-relief (0.3% Lidocaine). Depending on which area you will have treated you will also have a choice of other anesthesia, such as anesthetic cream, dental block or ice.

A treatment with Emervel only takes about 15-30 minutes. It is performed by injecting Emervel through a fine needle into your skin (or for some treatments just under) to fill wrinkles or add volume, shape your face or lips or hydrate your skin.

After Treatment

After treatment you will receive post-treatment guidelines. It is normal to experience some post-treatment discomfort, such as redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising or tenderness at the treatment site. This typically subsides after a few days, up to one to two weeks. Following treatment, there is sometimes a need for a touch-up treatment to achieve an optimal result.  You can find out more information on post treatment care here.

Your Next Emervel Treatment

As Emervel is naturally biodegraded, you will eventually need to repeat the treatment to maintain the result. Return visits are typically made after 6-12 months for wrinkles or volume replacement and within 6-12 months for lips.  Your local Emervel Practitioner will be able to advise a suitable treatment regime to maintain the look you desire.


Contact your local qualified Emervel Practitioner today and discover what Emervel treatments can do for you.


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